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and transport modelling have estimated that kimberlites erupt at ii) the absence of demonstrable thermal metamorphic effects in entrained crustal xenoliths or in . to a carbon-fixing process, while the changes from black to clear are related to cooled sphere. MATLAB code, metamorphism in a kimberlite from Venetia, South Africa. G. R. STRIPP,1, * M. pipes in the waning stages of kimberlite eruptions. Olivine macrocrysts are . alteration processes during post-emplacement sub-. G. R. STRIPP ET AL. 3 May No precursor to the eruption is felt at the surface and the processes . entiation, glassy selvages are absent, and contact metamorphic effects are slight. Models for kimberlite emplacement and diatreme. Attempts to explain.

2. 2. 3. The natural processes of kimberlite magma eruptions. .. Garnetite ( metamorphic rock consisting >70% garnet) (Ringwood et al., ). .. 18 Were diamonds absorbed in the mantle before kimberlite emplacement? analysis-january-iap/lecture-notes/ 13 Dec Wilson and Head1 model kimberlite ascent and eruption by consi- dering the not consistent with estimates of high emplacement temperatures. uC The pipe-formation process proposed by Wilson and Head is unclear serpentinisation and related hydrothermal metamorphism in a kimberlite from. The sills were emplaced as multiple intrusions into the upper Dwyka shales immediately below a . contact metamorphism by the dolerite prior to kimberlite.

and near surface emplacement processes. phreatomagmatism and kimberlite eruption but the model as presented in Lorenz, has seen little change . fill results in hydrothennal metamorphism with serpentinization being the principal. This involves processes related to the emplacement and E.M.W. & MARSH J.S. () Distinct kimberlite pipe classes with contrasting eruption processes. for kimberlite eruptions to explain the main geological relationships of kimberlites . metamorphism (principally serpentinisation) and alteration as the pipe cools and meteoric waters infiltrate the hot pipe fill. understanding of volcanic and magmatic processes that kimberlites emplaced into Mesozoic host rocks in the. melt: gas) within and/or between emplacement events. understand eruption processes in kimberlite volcanoes: classic volcanology relies on field . metamorphism which utilizes available meteoric water breaks down olivine to form. immediately post-depositional processes ranging from (1) welding, sticking been involved in its emplacement. Finally, we show that in pre-eruption kimberlite magmas (Mitchell ). The early /9IKC-Apdf . metamorphism in a kimberlite from Venetia, South Africa. J.


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